Hi! I’m Tonya.  I have lived in Western Canada my entire life.  I was born in small town Saskatchewan, attended university in Saskatoon and lived in Edmonton for many years.  Soon, I will be moving to Medicine Hat for a few months.  I have traveled throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta – camping, attending conferences, visiting friends and family.

Westerners are friendly people.  Walk down the street of a small town and people will nod and say ‘hi’.  It is easy to strike up a conversation, and when you do, you often find out the most fascinating things.  Westerners are anything but boring.

I am an historian by training, a writer and editor by profession and my grandpa’s ‘little talking machine’ so chatting with people, listening to the stories of their lives and then sharing them on this blog is a natural fit for me.  I am also an avid amateur photographer and have done my best to include lots of pictures with each tale.

The Prairies are like the patch-work quilts sewn by my grandmothers and many other pioneer women – different stories, histories, places and events brought together as one.  I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories that make up the fabric of Canada’s West.  If you have any comments, questions or a story of your own that you would like to share, please contact me.